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  ... and watch the sun go down! 

Weekender Homes introduced its first model home at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show in 2002, and has added many new weekender models since then.  

The 2002 Weekender Home was one of the first to present bamboo floors to the Home and Garden Show attendees. Some of the other amenities inclued the combinatin of picture above a awning window to help enjoy any scenic location. 

The photo above shows the living module combined with the kitchen space.

The first Weekender Homes is seen in the upper left hand corner of the Superdome at the 2002 Home and Garden Show

Why settle for just camping next to a creek, when you can build your Weekender Home there?

The West Indies is a popular Weekender Homes designed to escape the city and enjoy the low-country.    

The Pelican is a 1660 square feet West Indies designed for outdoor living

We want you to hear the rush of water next to your Weekender Home

New Design Studios designs each Weekender Homes from its New Orleans, Louisiana location. 

Call our office: (504) 444-6200 or Email us at: info@WeedenderHomes.com